Update: Spring 2021 Data-X for Professionals and Academics

Data-X for Professionals and Global Academics is currently postponed as we continue to innovate on how best to engage companies, professionals and academics in our Applied Data Science with Venture Applications course and our Data-X Lab.  Please see our website for this activity here.

We continue to offer these popular engagement options for our Data-X activities as highlighted below: 

  • Collaborate with our UC Berkeley students by offering a project from your organization (company or academic) that involves applying data science to innovate and solve real world problems; this can be done as part of the Data-X course, or asynchronously as a Data-X Lab project.  Learn more and inquire here.
  • Industry professionals and academics are also welcome to join our Data-X Lab as Visiting Researchers, beginning again in person during the Fall of 2021 (health directives pending).  Learn more and apply here.

Professionals and Global Academics: UpSkilling @ UC Berkeley: Data-X

Now anyone can join the more than 1,500 Berkeley students that have taken the highly popular Data-X course to develop hands-on, “applied innovation” skills in Data Science, AI and Machine Learning.

Data-X Opportunities:

  • Publish a data science project for your portfolio
  • Learn cutting-edge algorithms and data science with Berkeley experts
  • Build your network with top tech companies