Are you tired of spending yet another day in the same sweatpants you’ve worn all week scrolling through your camera roll and looking at old memories of you going outside and actually doing things? It seems like forever ago when we could call up a friend for brunch or hop on a flight for a weekend vacation. A new data science startup, AIr Travel, knows exactly what we long for.

Trust Air Travel

AIr Travel knows that planning a trip can be overwhelming and so it began with the mission of taking the stress out of travelling. By using reviews gathered from all over the internet, it provides an easy-to-use platform for travellers to build a personalized travel itinerary in the click of a few buttons. Within minutes, you can have a unique itinerary sent to your email equipped with all the essential must sees and must eats for where you are travelling. What makes them special? They provide local restaurant recommendations so that you know you are getting the true taste of your destination. Also, users can share their travel experiences and tips and tricks in the online forum. The responses on the forum are later incorporated into the database of attractions and restaurants to shape future itineraries. Right now destinations are limited to big cities in the US like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New Orleans but as the company grows, it hopes to add world wide travel destinations.

When AIr Travel started in January 2020, little did the founders know that we were on the cusp of a global pandemic. While flights are grounded and people are holed up in their homes, the people at AIr Travel dream of the day in which adventuring is once again possible. While their product is not serviceable now, they hope that in the future they will be able to fulfill their goal of helping travellers from all around the world enjoy their vacations in a stress free manner!