Join maia on her musical journey of self-discovery and development. Experience the maia’s creativity and diversity as she continues to matures into a professional composer. Browse her latest works and discover the practical and theoretical unpinning that powers maia.

Our story

We started out with the intention of creating an AI that could complete Mozart’s unfinished composition Lacrimosa — the eighth sequence of the Requiem — which was written only till the eighth bar at the time of his passing.

We ended up creating a deep neural network called maia — play on the term ‘music ai’ — that can generate original piano solo compositions by learning patterns of harmony, rhythm, and style from a corpus of classical music by composers like Mozart, Chopin, and Bach.

We approached this problem by framing music generation as a language modeling problem. The idea is to encode midi files into a vocabulary of tokens and have the neural network predict the next token in a sequence from thousands of midi-files.

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