Finding the right travel accommodation has never been easy. There are so many factors to consider, and online listings almost never include all of the relevant information travellers are looking for. With the rise of AirBnB as a popular accommodation option and the thousands of traditional hotel chains, travellers are stuck jumping from site to site, stressfully conducting their own research. To solve this problem, xplor – a team of five undergrad engineers and entrepreneurs – has developed an interactive map that lets you compare hotels and AirBnB properties to see how they rate under many relevant features, greatly simplifying and improving the search for travel housing.

In order to achieve this, xplor gathers accommodation, transportation, safety, food and entertainment data from numerous websites which is then fed into distance-based algorithms and normalized to generate actionable scores. However, these scores are a step up from your typical Yelp five-star ratings. Since we wanted metrics to differentiate listings based on their respective strengths and weaknesses, we opted for a percentile-based scoring system rather than the pure point based system used by most. And algorithms aside, the clean, intuitive UI makes this a product easy for anyone to use.