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How do you win the war for talent in data, AI, and digital acceleration?

How can you bring your data and real-world applications to Berkeley and other leading academic institutions?

Project-Based Engagement and Job Recruiting

This form is used by professionals, new ventures, and global partners to nominate and communicate project concepts for collaborations that relate to data, AI, and digital systems.

For Universities

X-Lab Team Project Experience: Allows a group from a university to participate in an X-lab and bring a project of their interest.

Job and Engagement Platform: Connect top students and researchers with leading global companies.

Academic Collaborators:  By invitation, based on merit in the domain area.


For Companies & Organizations

X-Lab Professional Project Experience: Allows a group from a company to participate in an X-lab and bring a project of their interest.

X-lab Project Sponsorship: Support a team with unrestricted gift funding in a given area of work for 1 semester.

X-Lab Discovery Projects: Sponsored projects of small, specialized teams for 1 month, co-advised by company.

Industry Collaborators: By invitation, based on merit in the domain area.


"DataX is a very rare data science course that prepares students ready to be real world data scientists. has hired great talents from the DataX course, and we are excited to see they are applying the DataX philosophy to challenging machine learning problems, not just from how to code up  deep learning SGD solver,  but also from the business and product perspective."

-- Victor Fang, Ph.D., CEO of

"Super useful! I would definitely recommend it for industrial partners to try out their projects through Data X"

-- Sohini Roychowdhury

"To have real data from GE is valuable and one of the things I enjoyed the most from this course. We learned so much on the technical side from our GE mentor. He helped us to evaluate our work and consider what we might do next.  There were also many tips from his industry experience that he shared in our meetings."

-- Data-X Student

Current Partners