Social networks are one of the most popular media in the 21st century. People share their pictures and images through posts every day. However, have you ever run into the problem of staring at the pictures for more than ten minutes but still could not come up with the appropriate words for hashtags? If yes, you are not alone. A lot of users of Facebook or Instagram frequently have a hard time thinking about the most relevant hashtags for the pictures they want to share. With the work of this team, it will never happen anymore.

This team has been working on a project that aims to help users under such a situation. They created a hashtag generator, which will automatically provide a list of hashtags based on the images uploaded, and users could directly copy and use them. The hashtags provided would include both descriptive words of components in the images and associated trending hashtags on social network platforms. With this solution, social network users could save a lot of time and effort. This will hopefully encourage better user engagement on these platforms and bring positive business results.

The model’s predicted hashtags given an uploaded image

Project by: Joanne Jiang, Zhongyao Ma, Yangyiying Pu, Chengwu Shen, Huidi Wang