DataMJB is a data-driven, machine-learning price estimation solution for the housing market in Shanghai. The project takes inspiration from success of home price estimation tools for the U.S market, built by Zillow and Redfin. With real estate prices skyrocketing in Shanghai, investors and homebuyers will find great value in a data-driven prediction tool that specifically targets the city.

DataMJB has a number of advantages over other machine-learning price estimation tools on the market today. DataMJB is focused on only the Shanghai market, therefore its estimation is more accurate than a model that learns from a breadth of different cities. It acquires data primarily through web-scraping, meaning the model not only learns from the most updated real estate listings, but also can be easily tuned to learn from a variety of data sources. It gains valuable insights in addition to providing price prediction, such as which features of a real estate is the best predictor of its market value.