As many already know, the novel coronavirus pandemic has caused lockdown procedures to take effect in nearly all states across the U.S. and even the entire world. Paradoxically, many people find themselves with more time on their hands to start the exercise routine that they’ve always talked about but lack access to the gym. Others say they are fortunate enough to have access to gym equipment at home, perhaps gathering dust in their garage, but they lack a trainer or someone skilled enough to help them learn the proper way to lift weights.

Coach – Fitness at your fingertip

Fortunately, students at the University California Berkeley have developed a way for new weight lifters to have 24/7 access to a trainer right at their fingertips. The team has developed a web application that is simple to use and gives users real-time feedback as to whether or not they are lifting weights properly. The application specifically focuses on the deadlift, which can be one of the more dangerous lifts for a new lifter to attempt. So if you’re among those looking to start good, safe habits during this quarantine season, might be worth checking out their website!

Built by: Anupam Tiwari, Anant Mishra, Gezal Bahmani, Mathias Tevendale