Traveling is an extremely popular activity. Whether it be for business or for pleasure, people love experiencing new places and learning about new cultures, but oftentimes, figuring out the logistics of one’s travel plan is a complicated and daunting task. The goal of Travel4All is to assist the user in the process of finding a route within their budget.

Travel4All Home Page

Travel4All is a web application that, given the user’s origin and destination locations, as well as departure date and a travel budget, generates a route, within the stated budget. In the backend, the webpage uses Google Maps API to find the nearest airports to the user’s origin and destination locations. The team then used Amadeus API in order to find the cheapest flight from the origin to destination airports by considering all the possible combinations of flights between those airports. Using the user’s vehicle’s average mpg, the application is also able to account for the additional costs of driving to the airport and factors that into the total cost of the route. Currently, the application requires users to input a departure date. However, in the future, the team hopes to help users, who are unsure about the best time to travel, predict the cheapest season or month to travel using data on past flight prices.

Project by: Samuel Greenberg, Abrar Syed, Sai Rishvanth Katragadda, Nichole Sun, Vedavit Shetty.