Introducing Apartment Ranker

Searching for housing while attending a university can be very difficult, especially when it comes to students who have no experience with the housing market. Most college students are living by themselves for the first time away from their families, and when they’re looking for housing, they may not consider things they should consider. For example, when choosing a place to live, they may not think about noise pollution and access to transportation. This is where founder Joshua Nuesca and his team stepped in with their solution, Apartment Ranker. Apartment Ranker is a platform that allows students to rank what they find important in a living space, such as lots of noise during the weekends and proximity to public transportation. Based on their answers, the Apartment Ranker returns a list of apartments that best match the students’ needs. 

How Apartment Ranker Works

So how does this website work? The website will generate a user score for each listing it has on its database, and this score is calculated depending on what the user finds important. The listing with the highest score will be returned as the initial recommendation. If the user is unhappy with the result, they can express this and the algorithm will learn from this feedback to offer other listings it believes the user may like. If the user is satisfied, they can explore the listing in more detail. Furthermore, the site will offer additional listings similar to the listing the user liked. This website makes the apartment hunting process much easier than before and provides insights on areas they may be unfamiliar with. If you’re in the market looking for a place in New York, it looks like your search just got much easier.

Here’s a demo of how it works:!