The perfect song for the perfect moment. Ever since the release of Spotify in 2006, millions of songs have been uploaded and streamed digitally. As a company, Spotify has poured millions of dollars into finding the right music at the right time. We wanted to carry out that same mission with our own knowledge from this class. Our research focuses on combining existing API’s from leading music streaming services to combine them under one simple
solution for Spotify to create an even more personalized music experience for users.

Data Science with Venture Applications as a class has shown us incredible new ways of content analysis while providing real-world applications for the systems that were taught. Both instructors, Ihklaq Sidhu and Alexander Ojala, walk through difficult examples by carefully going through live demos of that we were able to implement within our own classifier system. This “hands on” coding experience puts us at the forefront of what is capable through machine learning and neural networks.