A Matching Service for Jobs?: Course2Career Helps Students Find their Career Beginnings

With recruiting season coming around the corner at colleges nationwide, hundreds of thousands of students are looking for job and internship opportunities to begin their careers. These students fill out hundreds of applications and spend hours of their time finding the right opportunities. But what are the “right” opportunities? When certain majors such as Political Science, Environmental Studies, and even Business Administration can lead to so many career paths, which jobs do students choose? How do students know if they qualify? These are questions that perplex the minds of young, career-driven students as they seek career opportunities.

Take Joe for example. Joe is a fourth year student graduating from the University of California Berkeley with a degree in Computer Science. While he wants to go into the industry as a Software Developer, he wonders which employers will take him in with the skills that he has. “While in high school, I learned a bit of web development in HTML and got a lot better at it during my last internship. CS C8 [Introduction to Data Science] taught me how to use BeautifulSoup and other web-scraping and data science skills. I feel like I know a lot of things, but I just don’t know who will take me.”

Enter Course2Career. Course2Career is a job matching service that takes the skills students have learned in their college classes and on their own and matches them with postings that best reflect their skill sets. Users can directly input these skills into the service and through Course2Career’s ranked matching system, they are able to receive a ranked list of opportunity matches that they can apply for. While this system only extends to EECS and CS majors at U.C. Berkeley for right now, the creators of the service have considered branching out to other majors and other schools. Despite this, Course2Career has really shown to be a convenient way for students to jump-start their careers with the right opportunities.