As job seekers, we are always adding to, revising, and (hopefully) improving our resumes. After returning from summer internships, everyone on our team had the same problem. How do we sell our new summer experiences on our resume? Articulating new experiences can be hard. Most people resort to Googling for examples, but it’s difficult to find quality resumes that are relevant to your experiences. That’s where our suggestion engine comes in!

Our product takes a bullet point from your resume and suggests similar examples to help you understand how to better articulate your experiences. The suggestions are from our database of hundreds of expertly reviewed resumes. We used a Word2Vec machine learning model that takes your input and suggests the most similar bullets from our database. Not only is this information useful, but it’s also fun to use. We envision future versions where the user can select the suggestions they like and we will provide additional suggestions based on those selected. These selections would also help us improve our model over time. With our product, improving your resume is just a click away.