In a new era where videos, photos, Tiktok, and Instagram are predominant, there is a huge potential to invest in technologies related to images so that every business can be at the forefront of extracting more information from photos to maximize profit. To address this issue UImage is here to help. It is a software outsourcing company that provides image-tags-related technical support and user-end add-on features to enterprises who seek to improve their customer’s navigation and searching experiences. Their vision is to broadcast stories told by images.

UImage’s Solution

At the initial phase, they provide solutions by using Image Classification Systems to tag photos. In the second phase, they help create other interactive features including search by images, search in maps, manage personal preference tags, and personalized recommender system. All these functions are realized by neural network models, NLP, etc.

UImage’s Features

UImage is uniquely positioned to benefit from state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technologies and could provide an even wider range of clients with an improved and less expensive solution.

Project by: Xinyue Liu, Muxuan Yu, Jocselyn Qiu, Yuchen Che